1959 Impala Sport Sedan with 348

So I get an e-mail from somebody who had seen this blog, telling me they had passed through a small town nearby and spotted a ’59 Flat-Top with a 348 in it for sale at a gas station. Other than that, no more details. So I Googled the town to find that there was only one gas station, so I gave them a call. 20 mintues later, my Uncle who lives only 10 minutes away from there was on his way to check it out. My uncle loaned me the $800 bux to buy the car on the spot. He calls back after picking it up with his car-trailer (wow, what an uncle!) to say “Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a genuine 1959 piece of shit!”. He even offered to let me store it at his property until the current renter of my storage shed’s lease ran out… what a guy! The rear glass was broken out, but the seller had another one to go with it. This car is actually very restorable, but it does lack a title. I’m not sure what to do with it now… originally I was set on parting it out, but just imagine how sweet this would be painted back to it’s original Gothic Gold and Ermine White colors with that 348 all freshened up and some flipper caps and wide-whites.  Yeah baby!

1959 Impala Sport Sedan

1959 Impala Sport Sedan


1959 Impala Sport Sedan with 348 — 1 Comment

  1. hi, you say you dont know what to do with the 1959 Impala Sport Sedan with 348. would you be interested in selling it?

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