1960 Biscayne Cut-Up for Scrap

After having finally removed all valuable parts, I finally cut up that old silver Biscayne 4-door sedan. I borrowed my dads plasma-cutter to do the job. I was able to remove the quarter panels after much effort to save them in case I, or someone else needs them in the future. I had planned to save the rocker panels too, but cutting all this out proved to be fairly difficult so I opted not to do it. Next time I will use a sawzall for a lot of the major cuts! I did remove the dash though, and put it on Craigslist to re-coupe a few bux. I was able to sell it to a guy in NJ who needed it to customize the dash in a ’57 Chevy. Originally I didn’t want to ship the whole dash, but he suggested I just cut it in half and send him the drivers side, since that was all he needed… this made the job of boxing it up pretty easy, and off it went!  Here’s a picture of that cut-up in progress… good times!

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