NOS Parts Collected to Date

1960 Impala Quarter Panel Flag - NOS

As stated in a January 6th post, NOS (New Old Stock, original parts that have never been used) parts can often be had for around the same price as reproduction parts, and sometimes even for less! This does however take patience, because the truth is, the stuff is getting harder to find all the time.… Continue reading NOS Parts Collected to Date

Front Valance Panel Faux Pas

NOS 1960 Chevrolet Valance Panels

The original front valance panels on the Impala were pretty well hammered, but in spite of that they are free of rust and savable. So I began by taking the right front panel and media blasting it to bare steel, then hammering it back into shape. I got it looking pretty close, so I then… Continue reading Front Valance Panel Faux Pas

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