Body Mount Repair Panels

Finally, I have available for anyone who needs them, cage-nut repair panels for those rusted out body mounts on these old Impalas!

If you recall from a Sept 29, 2007 blog entry, this is an item that has not been available to the restoration hobby.  They are direct replacements for the body mount cage nuts on 1959-1964 Chevrolet cars, and probably many other years but I have not verified this yet. It takes 7/16″-14 bolts, same size as original from Chevy. If you have an interest in buying some, please contact me at


Body Mount Repair Panels — 5 Comments

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  2. My first car was a green 1960 4 door Impala! I got it in high school in 1967 – Mom bought it for me for $600! Wish I could find one for that now!

  3. Hi – how’s the project going? Haven’t seen any posts in a while. I know how it is – I am just getting back to my little project after over 2 years of neglect!

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