Door Alignment Test

We aren’t really ready to install the doors yet, but I want to see how they fit so I can make appropriate adjustments before doing the bodywork. I’ve discovered that the rear passenger door doesn’t fit work a crap. It appears to have a twist to it that I am having difficulty correcting. Not only that, the “blister” area, where the trim goes, is pushed in a little, so its out of whack. Plus the door handle contact area is pushed in a bit too. After looking back at the “before” shots of the car, i can see that the door handle and the flags emblem on this door were scraped pretty bad, so the whole thing was pushed in and messed up. I really need to find a better door! Anyway, here is a shot of the car with the doors on just for fun… wow it looks like a “car” again!

The doors mounted
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