Passenger Front Door Bodywork

Started doing the bodywork on the passenger front door.  This door was pretty well beaten! If I had access to more parts cars, I’d have preferred to replace the door, but that wasn’t an option so I did a rust repair patch on the lower rear corner and knocked out the dings. I also decided that I wanted to have the flatness of the panels from fender to door, to door, etc nicer than factory. You know how good those shiny show cars look, where the surface is like a mirror with the doors cut out of it, dead flat? Well, to achieve that look I bumped the edges of the doors where they meet the adjacent panel until they were even with each-other, instead of  being slightly lower than the center of the panel. This wasn’t too tough to do, and it should achieve a far superior look when the paint job is finished. However, ya gotta make sure your doors are on EXACTLY where they will be when the car is finally assembled. You cant go adjusting stuff again later and expect good results.  Hope this doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass later! Anyway, this technique does leave the panel needing a bit more filler than it would have otherwise… of course, if I was a master metal finished I could do it with little or no filler, but for now I have to just use some more “body man in a can”!