Passenger Front Door-Fender Gap

Sometimes on these old cars, the door gaps can be pretty un-even straight from the factory. Many restorations don’t even address this, and just leave them alone… but I want the car to look better than that. Now is the time to fix those issues, and it costs me nothing but my time, so might as well!  As you can see from the pic below, the gap along the top leading edge of the door where it meets the fender is pretty big.

Passenger front door gap - BEFORE
Passenger front door to fender gap – BEFORE

So to fix it, I took some tig-welding rod and welded it to the edge of the door, first tacking it in every inch or so to hold it in place. then I repeated those tacks until I filled the gaps, being careful not to over-heat the area and warp the door skin. Then I ground it smooth and you can see the results in the pic below.

Passenger front door to fender gap - AFTER
Passenger front door to fender gap – AFTER
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