Passenger Front Door Rust

The Passenger front door is by far the worst of all the doors on the car. Not only does it have several waves and a few creases on the outer skin, but the inner structure down low has some rust holes… dangit anyway! If we had a better door, I’m sure this one would find its way to the recycle pile, but we don’t, so it must be repaired. Fortunately the door on the Biscayne parts car was in better shape and served as a donor for the patch. It was a simple trace/cut/trim/weld process. Unfortunately we ain’t done yet! The outer skin has a few pinholes down in the lower rear corner to address. That will wait till later.

Rust on the lower door jamb of the passenger front door

The original rusted out door and the patch from the parts car.

Rust cut out and patch fitted before being welded.

The rusted area cut out and the patch fit into place before welding.

New patch installed and finish welded.

The patch welded in and ground smooth. Look ma’ no more rust!

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