Under-seat rust patch

Repaired some of the rust-out that was under the drivers seat. This panel isn’t reproduced, so ya gotta just make’m. Here’s what it looked like before:

Yikes! and here it is after the crust was cut away and patched in with new metal. It isn’t done yet, obviously but it’s a start.

The brace under this area is in pretty good shape so I may not even bother covering it all. It really adds nothing structurally and once the area is welded and sealed up, no water can get in. Plus it gets covered by insulation and carpet anyway. I would have tried to do this with just one piece of metal, but I got the metal from the scrap pile (smaller pieces), and I’m a total rookie so it was easier to do it in smaller pieces anyhow. Before installing the patches I treated the area with Picklex-20 rust converter.