1960 Impala Convertible Project

So about a month ago, the chance to buy a ’60 Impala convertible project came up. I’ve wanted one for a long time, but always assumed that I’d have to buy from out of state, as I have NEVER seen one come up locally. I assumed I’d fly to where the car was to inspect, then have to pay to get it transported back here. So here was my chance to buy it locally and avoid all that! Not only that, the factory color of the car was Suntan Copper… my favorite! However, I couldn’t afford it. I would have had to sell my ’60 Buick convertible in order to raise the funds. So I decided to just let it go. A few weeks pass, and I assumed it would be gone, but I got news that it was still available, but was going to be loaded on a trailer in a few days and transported to a swap meet in Monroe, WA where NO DOUBT it would sell. In fact, a few guys from the Seattle area were planning to see it at the swap meet. SO, I just went into debt some more! (damnit). The car is now mine, for better or worse! NO, I WILL NOT start on this project until the Flat-Top is finished. I promise!