Engine Almost Done


Well… it still needs painted, and accessories installed, etc.  But it’s all together now and fresh! Thanks to my brother Marty Stromberger at Stromberger Performance for his hard work! Check out the killer finned aluminum valve covers from Holley.. brand new to the market! These will look bitchin’ under the hood! … and we can’t… Continue reading Engine Almost Done

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Dash Painted


Yep, the dash, err sorry… the “instrument panel” has paint on it, and it’s BLACK!  That means the decision has been finalized… the interior will be black and white, just like when it left the factory. The pic shows the satin finish looking awesome… and, while I do like the sheen, it has plenty of… Continue reading Dash Painted

Dash Primed in Featherfill G2

Dash Before HB

Progress? What? Yes! Not much, but at least it’s something.  I did a tiny bit of filler work on the dash to smooth out some imperfections. Some were damage, but most was factory uglies! Probably not something that would show, but I smoothed it out anyway. Topped with some Featherfill G2. Will smooth that later,… Continue reading Dash Primed in Featherfill G2