Factory Paint Runs

Factory paint has runs. Also not the not-too-glossy finish. Maybe a little bit shinier than "egshell".

While sorting through the pile of parts I brought home, I noticed that this interior “knee knocker” cover which butts up against the dash has a big ole’ run in the paint! I guess the run is down low where ya don’t see it so much, but even so, would you accept this on your… Continue reading Factory Paint Runs

No More Predictions!

Ok, I’m not going to be making any more predictions about WHEN I’ll be getting something done. It just never seems to happen. Perhaps I’m jinxing myself? Whatever… Not much was accomplished on the Impala this past summer. I’ll be getting married and selling my house this year, so my focus has changed. If I… Continue reading No More Predictions!

Lost Tools

Ya know how sometimes your tools just go missing, and you have no idea what could have happened to them? I lost my favorite ratchet quite a while ago, a Proto that I had found at a swap meet for cheap. Nice ratchet! So when I went to remove the right front fender (the Biscayne… Continue reading Lost Tools