Lost Tools

Ya know how sometimes your tools just go missing, and you have no idea what could have happened to them? I lost my favorite ratchet quite a while ago, a Proto that I had found at a swap meet for cheap. Nice ratchet!

So when I went to remove the right front fender (the Biscayne fender that I’m not going to use anymore), I got down on the ground to remove the lower bolt that goes in through the back-side of the rocker panel. I had my ratchet and extension in hand to do the job. Then to my surprise, there already stuck in the hole is my long-lost Proto ratchet with extension and socket stuck to the very bolt I was about to remove! Since it had been about a solid YEAR (see posting titled Back on Track! for details) since I had worked on the car, that was apparently the last time I’d seen this tool. I guess the lesson is, work on your project car more often than once a year!