No More Predictions!

Ok, I’m not going to be making any more predictions about WHEN I’ll be getting something done. It just never seems to happen. Perhaps I’m jinxing myself? Whatever… Not much was accomplished on the Impala this past summer. I’ll be getting married and selling my house this year, so my focus has changed. If I do end up with any precious “free time” It’ll be spent fixing up the house, organizing things, selling off un-wanted/needed items, etc. I have a basement and shop full of stuff I’d rather not take to my next place, so I need to get rid of it. Also, unless my next place already has a kick-ass shop built on the property, I’ll be having to build a new one… so do the math. I’m not complaining, because the future is bright! The Impala is just taking a back seat to life. I haven’t lost enthusiasm for it though, so don’t worry.. I won’t be abandoning it. It WILL get done…. eventually.