Blasting the Body Part One

Today I started with the media blasting. What a dirty job! I think I spent more time sweeping up the sand and sifting out the chunks to reclaim it than I did actually blasting! I think for the next session, I’m going to just stock up on 4 or 5 bags of new silica sand and just gather most of it up when I’m done. I do not plan to do any of the large body panels, just the door jambs, window rubber channels, floor pans and such. The reason for not doing the big panels is that the media I am using can generate heat while it strips the paint and surface rust. This heat can warp the panels. Areas like the door jambs are very ridged and not prone to warping. The shiny area on the roof was done with the D.A… no warpage!

Starting the process of media blasting the body.