Some Primer

Firewall in primer

Time to put some primer on the firewall, door jambs, and the dash… stuff easier done while the body is still on the rotisserie. I used PPG DPLF primer.

Get the Lead Out!

Lead filled seam on the top of the quarter panel

The factory seams were filled with lead. One some of these seams it was lifting out or had caused the paint to bubble, so I opted to just get rid of it all. I melted it out with my small torch. I’ll replace it with fiberglass-reinforced filler later.. probably use Duraglass.

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Picklex 20 and Seam Sealer

Seam-sealer applied.

Treated all the bare metal today with Picklex 20 rust converter, and replaced the original seam sealer with fresh stuff. There are lots of areas that still need attention before I can coat the bottom with Zero-Rust chassis paint. The body mounts still need cosmetic re-construction, and there are some minor pinholes that turned up… Continue reading Picklex 20 and Seam Sealer