Cowl Tag Reinstalled

Early on in the restoration process, I removed the delicate aluminum cowl tag. It was, and remains in perfect condition. I wanted to keep it that way, so I drilled out the original factory hollow rivets. These are special rivets used just for the purpose of attaching cowl tags on GM cars. Fortunately you can buy new ones. I found mine on eBay.

I stripped the paint off the tag, applied some JB Weld to the back of it for extra secure attachment, then inserted the rivets. Since I didn’t have the original style tool to press them in, I just made due with a punch, then bent the back side of the rivets over. Turned out nice!

Cowl Tag Installed

The original paint, being lacquer, it didn’t come off with paint-stripper like you’d expect. It just gets wet again, but never curdles or bubbles up. I scrubbed the now-wet paint off and wiped it clean with lacquer thinner. The primer is more durable and resistant than the paint, so it’s still mostly intact. I figured I’ll leave it on there… its stayed on this long, I don’t think it’s going to come off without extra effort at this point!  The tag and rivets get painted with the car, just like the factory did it. I see restorations where people have the cowl tags polished like a mirror… that’s fine if you like it. I prefer to keep it stock and inconspicuous. Why bring attention to it? It’s not really a showcase piece, is it?

Speaking of cowl tags. There is a film produced by General Motors in 1960 titled Up From Clay – A Car is Born that shows a worker putting the appropriate trim, paint and accessory codes on a cowl tag, then installing it on a fresh body at the Fisher Body plant. Here are some frame grabs from that film:

Cowl Tag Mfg 1
Here is the workstation where cowl tags get their information stamped into them.
Cowl Tag Mfg 2
Here is a close-up of the machine used to press the letters and numbers into the aluminum tag.
Cowl Tag Mfg 3
The tag is placed onto the cowl and the rivets are pressed in with what looks like an ordinary awl/punch.
Cowl Tag Mfg 4
Notice the bare steel body has had some brown primer applied to the area where the tag was to be placed.
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