Final Coat of Epoxy on the Body

After a lot of hours sanding every square inch, nook and cranny with 180 grit, I was finally able to spray on some epoxy (DPLF). I had planned to just spot in the areas where I had sanded through to bare metal. I actually did this but I mistakenly didn’t mix up enough primer to do the job. As I was looking at the car, I saw that it had a lot of spots sprayed all over it! I figured, well if I’m going to mix up another batch anyway, I might as well mix enough to shoot the whole car. So I did. I had thought about doing this anyway beforehand, just for the fact of having an extra layer of corrosion/moisture protection and to give it a different color between the Featherfill G2 polyester primer and the PPG K36 urethane primer. Since the end product should have no sand throughs at all, this different color will let me know if I break through the K36 when I’m wet sanding it with 400 grit.

Body in Final Epoxy
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