Final disassembly of the body

Well we made the decision to remove the front and rear glass. The rubber seals were in bad shape. Why come all this way to stop short of doing it “right”? No sense in doing a half-ass job, even though the new rear glass seal is almost $200 from Soff Seal! Fortunatly we got the rear glass out without incident. Replacing this EZ-EYE panoramic glass might not be so easy. The front glass will be replaced with new, as will all the side glass.

Front and rear windsheilds for the '60 Impala Sport Sedan

Steve gutted the doors, and they are pretty complicated with all that junk inside so I sure hope he remembers how they go back together! The two wing window castings are both broken, but I think it may not be a problem when re-assembled. At least, I hope not. It looks like a structural flaw that probably all of these have.

Wing window castings with broken mount holes

Doors removed and gutted, dash pad stripped off, whats left? 8 bolts holding the body to the frame?

Body completed gutted