Sharpe 6760 Dryaire™ Desiccant System

So today I broke down and bought a three stage air filter and dryer system. This will prevent contaminants, oil, and water from getting through to the spray guy while painting. Pretty good insurance considering how expensive paint is these days. This will replace my Sharpe model 880A, which is a good unit but it only filters down to 5 microns and does not have a desiccant dryer with it. Basically, it’s the equivalent of the first stage of this fancy model 6760 unit.  I’ll switch the old 880A over to regular air-tools duty.

Dryaire™ Desiccant System – Check them out on eBay!

Remove dirt, water, oil and uncondensed moisture from compressed air lines. The Dryaire Desiccant System’s 100% indicating silica gel provides maximum moisture absorption. It features easy desiccant change out, regenerate, or replacement (6765-1). This system maintains -40°F dew point while achieving 0% compressed air humidity.
• Stage 1 Air filter includes auto drain (overnight) and 5-micron filter
• Stage 2 Coalescer with auto drain (overnight) removes oil particles down to .01 micron
• Stage 3 Desiccant Housing, 30 cfm capacity
• Self-relieving air regulators, mounting bracket, and shut-off valve included * Premium beads are orange and turn clear when saturated.

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