Turn Signal Bezels, NOS

Won some NOS turn signal bezels on eBay today, along with one NOS lens. I opted to buy NOS rather than just polish up some used parts that I have, because when I did try to buff one, I discovered that they were actually chromed stainless steel, not straight polished stainless like the rest of the stainless trim on the car. Why is this I wondered? Then I remembered that the hubcaps and wheel covers are also chromed stainless steel. Apparently, and this is just a guess, but I bet GM thought these pieces which were closer to the ground required some corrosion protection, so they were chromed. This means that to polish a set of original bezels I have to get that scruffy old chrome off first! What a hassle, so I just bought these NOS chromed perfect units so I can move on to other restoration efforts.  Got’m for $49 bux plus shipping. Not too bad!