Under-seat rust patch

Repaired some of the rust-out that was under the drivers seat. This panel isn’t reproduced, so ya gotta just make’m. Here’s what it looked like before: Yikes! and here it is after the crust was cut away and patched in with new metal. It isn’t done yet, obviously but it’s a start. The brace under… Continue reading Under-seat rust patch

A bit of fund raising

1960 Mercury Grill

Decided to put my coveted 1960 Mercury grill on eBay to get some coins for the project. These grills make a sweet custom touch to ’59 and ’60 Chevys, but I won’t be using it so might as well flip it. Update: The grill didn’t sell on eBay, but fortunately one of the bidders called… Continue reading A bit of fund raising

Rotisserie on the way

Autotwirler Plus

After some consideration, the decision was made to remove the body from the frame. Why come all this way to stop short of doing it “right”? It will be so much easier to work on the frame from the top down instead of bottom up! No dirt in the face and we can get easy… Continue reading Rotisserie on the way

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