Beginning rust repair

The first thing we decided to do was to get a head start on repairing rust in the floors. It looks very ugly and depressing, so the sooner we can make it go away the better! The car is rusty in the floor pans on the drivers side, but not on the passenger. This is due to how the car was sitting in the field for many years. The floors on that side were very near the ground while the other side was not. Unfortunatly, the sheet metal that is under the drivers side of the front seat is rusted out also. As far as we know this panel has not been reproduced. Therefore, it’s goona need to be made from scratch! The brace under it is a little questionable too, so we may replace that also.

Front floor before repair. Not bad! Some rust-out on drivers side, none on passenger.
Rear floor pan before repair. Rusted out on the drivers side, but none on the passenger side.
Rust hole at base of B-pillar post.
Rust cut out along tops of braces where possible. Area treated with Picklex 20 rust converter.
Rust hole seen from bottom.
Piece welded in place and ground smooth.
Steve cutting out the front floor pan.
Steve cutting out the front floor pan.
Look what we found under the drivers side seat! Maybe we should bail out on this project and push the car into the creek!
The B-pillar post where the rear doors hinge from was full of dirt, so I cut a relief hole. Look what came out!
Dave prepping the B-pillar door hinges and jamb.
Rear floor pan removed awaiting replacment.