Brought Home More Parts

Maybe I’m jumping the gun a little, but I thought I’d bring home more parts from the storage shed. I was mostly after trim, but I also brought home several heater assemblies and two steering columns. I’ll go through it all to choose the nicest parts for restoration. I have parted out several cars in the past, so as a result I have spares of everything. This is the way to go! It sure beats trying to fix damaged parts or having to buy stuff as-needed via eBay, etc.


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Brought Home More Parts — 1 Comment

  1. Do you have any steering columns or parts for sale? I need the bearings/bushing that go on the shaft just below the turn signal assembly area. Mine has a ball bearing but I believe some had brass/bronze bushing. Also any idea as to the exact re assemble order. Mine was in pieces when I got it and I believe its together right but need proper order. Also the horn ring concave washer that makes contact with horn button?

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