Brought Home More Parts

Maybe I’m jumping the gun a little, but I thought I’d bring home more parts from the storage shed. I was mostly after trim, but I also brought home several heater assemblies and two steering columns. I’ll go through it all to choose the nicest parts for restoration. I have parted out several cars in… Continue reading Brought Home More Parts

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Bring Home the Crap


When I moved back in April of 2012, the majority of the parts for the Impala, including boxes of fasteners and do-dads were all stored in my shed in Davenport. This is now 45 miles away from where I live. So it’s not exactly convenient to dig for parts when I need them. However, I… Continue reading Bring Home the Crap

State of the Restoration

So it’s been a long, long time (again) since my last post to this restoration blog. My plan this past spring was to get the car in paint before winter. Well, this is clearly not going to happen. I got a little bit of work done in April and May regarding getting the hood and… Continue reading State of the Restoration