More NOS Parts

Just bought a few more NOS parts! Fender ornaments and hood letters. Both of these items are reproduced. But, as always I prefer to buy NOS if possible. I had already purchased a set of the reproduction fender ornaments but was disappointed to see that the chrome was very poorly done. I had also purchased… Continue reading More NOS Parts

Front Turn Signal Housings

While I was looking at one of the valence panels for the ’60, I noticed that there was white paint on the edge of the signal housing. I thought this was strange, it suggests that the valence panel was repainted at one time, and the lens was simple masked off, and paint got onto the… Continue reading Front Turn Signal Housings

Fresh from the field

This 1960 Impala Sport Sedan was found in a field in Eastern Washington State. It had been sitting for a good many years. The engine, originally a 283 V8 was long gone, as was the hood and the factory equipped swept back rear antennas. Fortunately the desirable Impala steering wheel was still there, and the… Continue reading Fresh from the field