Body Date Codes

Early in 1960, Chevrolet started stamping a date code on the cowl tag. Most cars do not feature this code, as it apparently was introduced sometime in the month of February long after production for the 1960 model had started. This date code, if present, can be found above the word “STYLE” on the cowl tag. If you don’t know where to find your cowl tag, click HERE.

Accessory Codes
This code consists of two numbers followed by a letter. The two numbers indicate the month. For example “01” stands for January, and “12” for December. The letter indicates the week of the month. The letter “A” would be the first week, and “D” would be the last week. In the example above, “02C” indicates the third week in February.There are other means for identification of a cars approximate date of manufacture. The engine, transmission, differential, and other cast-iron components have date codes cast into them. Assuming these parts are original to the car, they should all fall within a certain date range. This is what makes for a “numbers matching” car. At this time, these date codes are beyond the scope of this website, with the exception of the differential codes.