Engine Parts

Engine Guts-002

We have engine parts!  LM7, aka Vortec 5300, aka “LS motor” from a Chevy pickup.  5.3L, should be enough!

Body Painted

FINALLY… The body is painted! Three coats of acrylic urethane and it’s finally all one color. I painted this a little later in the season than I’d like to have. Since it’s been getting colder outside and I need to suck fresh air into the shop while painting, I wanted to do this while it… Continue reading Body Painted

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First Color!

There is PAINT on the car! Yes, actual finished paint has been laid down after far too many years! For the past few months I’ve been too busy to work on the car, so it has just been sitting. I had sanded most of the firewall in preparation for final primer/sealer and then paint. There… Continue reading First Color!

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Trunk Lid v2.0

Trunk Lid - Top Side

Having given up on the original trunk lid for the car, I ended up buying a replacement from Classic Auto Parts in Hayden, Idaho. The replacement lid is nice and straight with very few dings… probably about as straight as one could expect to find. As for rust, well it does have the typical surface… Continue reading Trunk Lid v2.0