Rust Repair Around License Recess

License Plate Recess Rust

In the recess area for the rear license plate, is a flat area where two sheets of metal are sandwitched together. Water gets trapped in here and of course, rusts it out. Easy fix though!

Cowl Corners

Rusty cowl corner.

The corners of the cowl, hidden behind the fenders actually get wet on the inside every time the car is exposed to rain. There is a drain hole in the bottom of these corners, but it gets jammed up with leaves and stuff…. so of course, they are prone to rust. On this car, both… Continue reading Cowl Corners

Passenger Rear Door Rust


Yes more rust, what do you expect? This rear door would be better off replaced. It has some panel issues other than rust… but I’ll have to fix it, because I have not been able to locate a replacement door. First on the list… the door jamb area where the outer skin and the inner… Continue reading Passenger Rear Door Rust