Interesting paper found inside the headliner

When I started to remove the original headliner, this interesting piece of paper fell out. Apparently it is some sort of instruction or ID tag used at the factory. One side shows the Impala Sport Sedan along with an illustration of the dash panel. The other side shows the 4-door station wagon along with the dash panel. Both sides have the word “LEFT” on them… indicating left hand drive perhaps? The dash illustrated is for left hand drive, so… who knows! The small print on one side says “Fisher” along with some numbers, so I guess this is from the Fisher Body plant, which makes sense. The entire body along with the interior pre-installed was delivered from Fisher to the GM assembly line where the rest of the car was assembled.

Fisher Body instructions found in headliner. Shows 1960 Impala Sport Sedan

Fisher Body instructions found in headliner. Shows 1960 Chevrolet Station Wagon

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