Play Taps for the Trunk Lid

The trunk lid is toast. I tried to straighten and shrink the warps/dents out of the skin with not much success. It was better than before, but still in the “awful” category. I won’t even show you a picture, I’m too embarrassed! The trunk lid skin and inner structure are now in the scrap pile behind the shop.

Having removed the skin from the inner structure as more of an experiment than really expecting good results from this process, I can’t say I’m too disappointed, however it does kinda suck to think that I wasted quite a few hours on this thing since the beginning. I stripped the paint off both sides, fished all that rotten insulation out of it, welded up a few pinholes, applied seam-sealer and primed the bottom. Plus the recent efforts to repair the “oil can” in the skin and subsequent removal of the skin. That’s a lot of time and effort wasted. Not to mention the materials too!  Oh well, I learned a few things I guess.

So now I’m on the lookout for a replacement lid.

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