Power Windows!

The opportunity came up to purchase most of the parts necessary to upgrade the Impala to power windows. Chevytalk member Steven Pasztor had recently parted out a ’59 flat-top 4 door and gave me a good deal on the parts. The only problem… the passenger front door was missing, so I need a regulator and door-jamb conduit for that door. Luckily, other GM models from 59-60 had the exact same parts. Lots of Cadillacs came with power windows, so I’m hoping that locating the needed bits wont be too difficult. Worse case scenario, I can buy reproduction parts (ouch!).  I bought some extra switches via eBay and have enough here to put together one good looking and functional set. I won’t bother purchasing the reproduction switches that you see all over eBay. They look great, but reviews have been poor. The large 4-gang switch apparently has a very high failure rate. The smaller switches seem to be OK. I’ll stick with originals, they seem to be fairly easy to get, so why not stick with original USA made parts? Ixnay on the inaChay! The wiring connectors will be re-used, but I’ll do new wiring since this stuff has been cut up.