Rotisserie on the way

After some consideration, the decision was made to remove the body from the frame. Why come all this way to stop short of doing it “right”? It will be so much easier to work on the frame from the top down instead of bottom up! No dirt in the face and we can get easy access to repair the mounting bracket for the rear upper control arm that is broken away from the frame. Plus installing new brake and gas lines will be easier. Today a new rotisserie was ordered from Autotwirler. I Talked my dad into going halvsies with me on this unit since we’ll use it with his ’40 Ford Coupe and maybe his ’59 Impala Sport Coupe. We opted for the Autotwirler Plus, which comes with the hydraulic jacks to make mounting a body much easier. We also ordered the pneumatic tires so I can roll it out into my gravel driveway.? Should be an excellent tool to have around!

Autotwirler Plus
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