Trunk Painted

Wow! More actual PAINT on the car! I spent several hours scuffing and sanding all the areas inside the trunk in prep for the paint.

Factory paint in the trunk area is pretty spotty… most of the photos that I’ve seen of original un-molested cars show that they really only paid attention to getting coverage on the wheel wells and on the backside of the tail-light panel and gas filler tunnel. These areas are all that really shows when the trunk mat and sidewall carboard is installed. Oh, and of course the trunk hinges and such were sprayed too. Most cars didn’t even get paint on the floor, but some did. Usually you just see overspray on top of red-oxide primer when the mat is lifted. Where I’m confused about, is the back side of the quarter panels. They received some pretty heavy undercoating, but was this applied before, or after the color was sprayed? Some cars seem to show that it was after, others before PLUS some more after? Makes no sense! I opted to just spray some fresh undercoating after I had finished spraying all the color. Some of it got on the painted areas, just like factory. I guess it looks “original” now? As planned, the color was flattened down to a satin finish (with the PPG DX685 additive), just like I did for the firewall.

Trunk hinges have the spring tension rods removed, so they flop around freely. I wanted to be able to move them up or down as needed. Mainly, I didn’t want them sticking up in the way when I shoot the color on the body, but it also gave me the benefit of getting good paint coverage inside the hinge box.

trunk prepped-1
trunk primed
trunk painted-1
trunk painted-2
trunk painted and undercoated-1
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