Trunk Seams Sealed

Trunk seams sealed

Using some beige seam sealer from Napa, I sealed up all the seams in the trunk and made it look pretty close to how it did when it left the factory. I sealed inside the weatherstrip channel for the trunk lid as well, since there is a pinch-weld in this area that could hold moisture.… Continue reading Trunk Seams Sealed

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Overhead shot

Well it’s now been two years! Sure doesn’t seem like it, and by the looks of the progress you wouldn’t think so either but… we are having fun and learning a lot so who cares? This project gets worked on whenever we “feel like it” so I guess slow progress is to be expected. Here… Continue reading TWO YEARS

Rust Repair Around License Recess

License Plate Recess Rust

In the recess area for the rear license plate, is a flat area where two sheets of metal are sandwitched together. Water gets trapped in here and of course, rusts it out. Easy fix though!