Front Turn Signal Bezel Issue

The NOS pair of front turn signal bezels arrived, and to my surprise they do not match! The original beat up bezels I have were stamped from stainless steel and then chrome plated (see the posted from Dec 16th for more info). But one of the bezels that I purchased as a pair, is actually a rather crude ferrous steel stamping that has been chromed. Close inspection shows the plating job to be of rather poor quality, and the stamping itself is not crisp like the other, its detail is somewhat vague. I don’t know if this is a later GM re-production piece, or if it was a low-cost aftermarket piece but one things for sure… the two bezels don’t match! From 5 feet away you wouldn’t know the difference, especially when mounted on the car down low, but I don’t know if I can live with that… just knowing that one of the bezels is bogus! So I guess the search is back-on!  One more NOS stainless-steel original GM bezel!  I’m beginning to think that you just cant trust ANYTHING posted on eBay to really be NOS and original GM unless it has the box!  More than a few times now, when there was no box… I was disappointed in what I got… either it wasn’t actually NOS, or in this case, its probably not even a real GM part!

Front turn signal bezels, compared.
Front turn signal bezels, compared