NOS Parts

Over the past year, I have been buying a few NOS (New Old Stock) parts for this project. I discovered that often, the price of a NOS part on eBay is just about the same, and in some cases even LESS than the price of a reproduction part. To date, I have purchased the following:

Trunk V emblem, in the original box.

“Impala” emblems for the doors, in the original box.

Horn Button “boomerang” with plastic emblem, in the original box.

283 V8 grill plastic emblem and aluminum housing, in the original box.

Set of 4 tail light lenses, in the original boxes.

Set of 4 doorhandle scratch guards, in the original box.

Set of door sill plate emblems.

Set of 4 wheel spinners in the original box.

Aluminum front license plate backing panel, in the original box.

Long live eBay!


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