Rear body brace rusted out

While anticipating the arrival of the new patch panels for the floors, rockers and lower rear quarter panels, I was looking at the body brace that is at the very end of the car under the trunk floor. This is the brace that houses the rear-most pair of body mounts. I knew that this brace had some rust issues and would need repaired, but now that I look at it closer I am wondering just how the best way to repair this area will be. It needs to be strong because this is where the body will be mounted to the rotisserie. Unlike when the body is mounted on the frame with another pair of body mounts close-by, this is IT… the weight of half the body will be resting on these two mounts. So it looks like The body will be on jack stands with the frame removed so I can get access to rebuild this brace.

Rusted out rear floor brace

The floor brace from the parts car is in good shape, but It may be more trouble to get it off that car than it is worth. Since only the ends are rotted away and the floor is in good shape, I think bending up some new sheet metal and rebuilding the mount area may be the way to go. The outer-most ends I can patch for cosmetics pretty easily. This area is just about completely hidden when the valance panels and bumper brackets, etc are all installed anyway. If anyone has a better solution, please comment. No, pushing the car into the creek across the street isn’t an option.