Wow, Three Years?

It’s hard to believe this project has dragged on for THREE years already. It was October of 2006 that Steve and I dragged this rust bucket into the shop and began tearing it apart! I thought it would have been a little farther along by now, but the project did take a dramatic change from the original plan. It went from being a frame-on budget restoration to a full blown frame-off show quality resto… doh! I guess this is not all that uncommon of a thing to happen to rookies who start into a car restoration project. Unlike many of those, who become  part of the “project car for sale, you-finish!” statistic, thats not going to happen here! I still have high enthusiasm for the project, and will work on it when time and money permit. Lately, Steve hasn’t be out here to help with the project as much, since it’s gone into the long and tedious bodywork stages. But rest assured, he’ll be back at it when assembly time comes.

Lets take another look at the car when it was still sitting in that field in Harrington, WA.. and what it looks like today.

1960 Impala project, as-found
1960 Impala project, as-found
1960 Impala project - 3 years later
1960 Impala project – 3 years later