Door Trim Problem

So that pesky drivers side rear door gap issue that I mentioned back in June, I haven’t fixed it yet… but I did just noticed ANOTHER issue with the door. The trim holes do no line up with the quarter panel! The factory stamped the holes in too far up, so when you put the “jet trail” paint divider strips on, they will not line up with the strips on the quarter panel. So I dug out the old photos of the car before it was torn apart, and sure enough the trim was out of alignment even then, so its not just ME doing something wrong. Yes the blister in the panel lines up nicely with the quarter panel. The only solution is going to be to weld up and re-drill those door holes… doh!!!

Door trim holes located about 1/8" too high, factory mis-stamp!

Trim mis-alignment shown before dis-assembly


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